Begins at Home!

Three key words describe health care delivery today...

Change, Ambiguity, and Uncertainty.


Reforming the Health System from the Bottom Up...

Most Americans love the sophistication and scientific quality of the health care they receive.  It lets them enjoy longer and more productive lives free of serious disability. In certain cases, it restores body systems that have degenerated to a functional level enjoyed as a young adult.

On the other hand, many Americans despise the confusion, complexity, and fragmentation of the health system which often results in frequent miscommunication and glitches in coordination and continuity of care services. Americans dislike the high costs and the financial, geographic, and cultural inequities of access suffered by many.

You have arrived at a place where opinions and participation in civil discussions MATTER and are encouraged.  Differing points of view help us be stronger and change to be more effective.  All health care is local.  We hope that this site helps guide your thinking to lead effective change in your community.


  • Click here to see original Letter to Editor by Dr. A. Moss in Morgan Messenger on 8/9/2018.
  • Click here to see WV Department of Health response to legislators who raised this concern July 30, 2018.
  • Click here for Dr. Felsen's response to Dr. Moss letter as submitted to Morgan Messenger 8/11/2018.

These are challenging times - more than ever the public needs an accurate, complete, and competant source of information in order to  make good health decision for themselves.  Politics should not interfere with the patient-physician relationship and should not mis-inform on matters that affect lives and livelihood.  The challenges above are just another example of why local communities and  medical practitioners must be engaged in the health care discussions to assure the highest quality of life and health status is achieved. 


Our approach considers the "whole" of an issue - the Environmental factors, the Community Functions, and reasonable, cost effective, community-based solutions.  Of course, this approach requires leadership and will of the community.

Every community will look a little different, given the needs or issues, solutions, and resources used to address them.