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Affordable Care Act (ACA), Still no data

A 12/19 New York Times article discussed a 2014 poll they conducted with CBS that found a 10 point increase last year in the number of Americans who view the receipt of basic medical services as a hardship. A 9/4 New York Times article reports 2014 per capita Medicare spending down from the previous year and offers several possible explanations. On 11/20 US News and World Report, Kaiser Health News and CNBC all reported on an 11/19 Commonwealth Fund study that found seniors are struggling with poor health, access to quality care, coordination of care and high costs.

Most of the data reported above are accurate. Much of the analysis represents “gruberization”, especially if spun independently rather than interdependently with other data. The American public deserve less “gruberization” and more checking the pool hall at lunch time.

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Unpublished, February 2015

Pot and Repeating History

It does not take much imagination to realize the attractiveness of marketing and selling marijuana to really “big business” once it becomes legal and how big government will swoop in to get their tax cut - and eventually foster taxpayer funded programs and regulations to counter the negative health effects of pot.

Are we amnesic, insane, self-destructive and/or just stupid?

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Charleston Gazette, March 2014

Patient Centered or Payer Centered?

I am a strong supporter of comparative effectiveness research, evidenced based medicine, standardized guidelines and other QI tools to enhance the “science” of medicine. However, if the “art” is lost by denying physician the requisite professional judgment and flexibility, patients will suffer. One of the greatest physicians, Sir William Osler, said it best, “The good physician knows the disease the patient has; the great physician knows the patient who has the disease”. That is not #37.

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Charleston Gazette, September 2013